African Mango Liquid Burn


With the help of the African mango you can accelerate your metabolism. It has become a unique ingredient in weight loss products and personal diets. It’s not the actual fruit that proclaims to be beneficial for weight loss, but the extract from the seed which has an abundance of fiber and healthy fats. Our supplement contains an all-natural blend of seed extract, antioxidants, and herbs

  • Boosts your metabolism
  • Increases your exercise capacity
  • Naturally curbs appetite through leptin
  • USDA certified organic and FDA-approved
  • Can help maintain blood pressure and lower cholesterol

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Serving Size: .5 ml;
Servings Per Bottle: 120;
Bottle Color: Blue;
Bottle Size: 2 oz (60 ml);
Lid Color: Black

If you’re tired of your ravenous appetite and low metabolism, the African mango can help. It works by suppressing your appetite and boosting your metabolism. Our liquid burn contains all-natural ingredients to ensure maximum potency. African mango extract will also boost your body’s ability to burn fat. Taking this supplement is a very safe and natural way to lose weight.

African mango extract will increase the effectiveness of leptin in your body. Leptin is a natural substance that helps to control your appetite. Our supplement will help you stop overeating by increasing your leptin. You won’t want to eat as much, which means that you’ll start losing weight!

The African Mango Liquid Burn also contains beta-alanine, a powerful antioxidant. It will increase your exercise capacity and will decrease muscle fatigue. You’ll enjoy more intense workouts without getting tired, which makes losing weight easier.

Our African Mango Liquid Burn also contains Rhodiola, an herb and adaptogen. Rhodiola can help to reduce stress and help with depression. As you may know, stress and depression can cause weight gain. By improving your mood and reducing stress, you’re less likely to gain weight.

Boost Metabolism
Low metabolism levels are a big reason why you gain weight easier as you get older. The African mango extract contains healthy fats and fiber. These will help you naturally boost your metabolism, no matter how old you are. That way, you can finally start shedding those unwanted pounds!

NOTE : Our supplements also undergo rigorous lab testing for quality and safety.


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