CBD Body Butter (4oz)


Keep your skin healthy, hydrated, and vibrant with our organic body butter. Say goodbye to wrinkles and aging skin with our special blend of herbs, seeds, oils, and butter. It also contains full-spectrum hemp CBD extract for added anti-inflammatory properties.

  • Treats rough, dry skin
  • Will reduce inflammation and irritation
  • USDA certified organic and FDA-approved
  • CBD extract for added potency and pain relief
  • Rigorous lab testing for quality and safety

Directions: Massage daily or as needed into damp skin to lock in moisture, concentrating on rough, dry areas.

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Do you suffer from red, dry, and irritated skin? Then our Body Butter is a perfect choice for you. It contains a powerful blend of butter, herbs, and oils to rejuvenate your skin. It’s a great way to treat psoriasis, rosacea, and other skin conditions. You’ll also enjoy anti-aging properties due to its organic shea butter. With this amazing Body Butter, you can keep your skin hydrated, nourished, and soft.

Organic Shea Butter
If you’ve got excessive redness on your skin or face, shea butter is a great remedy. Our body butter contains organic shea butter for its anti-inflammatory and healing properties. Shea butter also has emollient properties, which means it holds in moisture. Not only that, but shea butter has anti-aging properties. It will promote collagen production to increase the elasticity of your skin. This will minimize wrinkles so that you can look younger!

Emulsifying Wax
Our body butter contains emulsifying wax to ensure its quality and ease of use. You can think of this wax as the glue that holds all the other ingredients together. Without it, your body butter wouldn’t last very long. Emulsifying wax also makes our body butter very easy to apply. We’ve achieved the perfect blend of thickness and creaminess!

Mango Seed Butter
Our product also contains mango seed butter. This butter can prevent the development of wrinkles, protect you from UV rays, and more. It’s also effective in treating psoriasis and eczema!

NOTE : Our supplements undergo rigorous lab testing for quality and safety.



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