Shipping Terms & Conditions

Locations & Costs for International Shipping

  • Any order being shipped to a destination outside of the United States may be subject to import duties, and taxes levied and collected by the destination country. 
  • When placing an order for delivery outside the United States, you are considered the importer of record and must comply with all applicable laws and regulations. Charges for duties, taxes, and the carrier’s collection fee are in addition to your shipping charge and must be borne by you.
  • Some items may require special handling as specified by federal, state, and local regulations governing these items’ transport; therefore, some products’ shipment to specific locations may not be possible.
  • International orders are subject to duties, customs, and value-added taxes (VAT). Suppose you are shipping your order outside of the continental United States as a condition of sale. In that case, you acknowledge and agree that the title to your order transfers to you after exportation from the United States and immediately before the importation of such order at the border of the ship-to location and assume all risk and responsibility for the import clearance, duties, and delivery to the final destination. 
  • We do not accept returns for items shipped internationally.

Customs Duty and Tax

Customs duty and import tax are specific to a particular country, and the importing party’s responsibility. Customs authorities in each country calculate duty and tax based on many factors, including:

  • the category in which the product is classified in the international Harmonized Code (HS) system;
  • the value of the product (the price you paid);
  • for most countries, duty is calculated on a “CIF” basis (meaning Cost, Insurance, and Freight), so the shipping charge you pay may also be factored into the calculation of the duty that may be charged.

Options for DDP and DDU (Delivered Duties Unpaid) may be available at the time of checkout, depending on your location. Buyers using DDU may have to pay duties as outlined above.

Delivery Times

International shipments are shipped via USPS First Class or Priority Mail, depending on the buyer’s selection during checkout.  Delivery times will vary by service and country. Due to COVID-19, we see delivery times vary from 7 days to 14 days, depending on the selected service and the destination country.

Loss or Damage During Shipment

No matter how carefully a package is handled, there are occasions when a package may be lost or the contents damaged during international shipment. Fortunately, this doesn’t happen very often.

If your package is lost or damaged in International Express Transit, you will need to submit a claim within 14 days of the delivery date, or within 14 days of the date, you received confirmation that it was lost. To make a claim, please send an email to [email protected]

Prohibited Countries

We do not ship to the following countries: Iran, Iraq, Pakistan, Ukraine, Afghanistan, Cuba, North Korea, Nigeria, Pakistan, Sudan, South Africa, United Arab Emirates, Kosovo, and Syria.  This is subjected to change at any time without notice. 

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